You can cancel your order as long as it's not yet fulfilled. Just follow the order link in your order confirmation email or log into your account.


To protect the safety of others and help slow the spread, we do not accept returns at this time.


You can request a refund if the mask itself is defective or materially flawed or the quality of the mask print does not meet your expectations. To request a refund, please contact us and include your order number and the reason for your request.

What is the mask made of?

These masks are simply single-ply cotton-blend jersey fabric cleverly cut to fit around the ears and cover the face. Think about your favorite t-shirt being used as a mask. They don’t look or feel substantial sitting in your hand, but the masks are comfortable, breathable, fairly durable, and compatible with the CDC’s guidance on “quick cut t-shirt” masks as well this publicly available research. One option available is to layer multiple masks to achieve additional protection.

What kind of protection does this mask provide?

Please note that this product is not a substitute for professional medical devices, including surgical masks or respirators, therefore it is not guaranteed to prevent infection or transmission of viruses or diseases. While these masks are not officially approved for medical uses, cloth masks like these do help contain respiratory droplets and micron particles.

What happens when I wash the mask?

The masks are washable and are made of cotton/spandex blend. We recommend machine washing on warm with like colors and then tumble dry. They do curl up after washing but once you unroll them and put them on, they regain their shape and fit like normal. 

How should the mask fit?

The mask should be snug to your face and chin. Use the ear hole options to achieve the fit that you prefer.

Do the masks fit children?

There are two sets of ear holes that will accommodate kids and adults. Item specs attached here.

When will my order arrive?

Orders ship within 3 business days. We'll email you an order confirmation with delivery tracking information. 

Are the masks individually wrapped?

No. Orders are bagged together. Please place separate orders of a quantity of 1 if you’d like them individually wrapped and shipped.

What are the masks packaged in?

Designed masks are packaged in a clear plastic bag then placed in a shipping polybag. The 120-packs of blank masks are wrapped in a clear plastic bag then put in a box for shipping. The 12-packs of blank masks are wrapped in a clear plastic bag then shipped in a polybag.

Can orders ship internationally?